Maintenance and
Repair in Livigno

Rely on the experience of our SKI MEN: our strength lies in the quality of service provided by the passion with which we work.

Skis and snowboards in good condition are a prerequisite for having fun safely: for this reason, we take care of your stuff whenever you want to hit the slopes with perfect equipment.We are very careful about the maintenance of our rental skis and snowboards which we will always deliver to you in top condition.
01 Processing and maintenance of ski and snowboard insoles In the case of a poorly ruined insole, the coating will be done by hand; if the insole is very badly ruined, the automatic spreader will be used on the entire ski.Everything will be roughened by hand and then refined with the help of the Wintersteiger belt machine. For the finishing touch, the ski or snowboard will be flattened and imprinted with an automated Wintersteiger machine.
02 Ski and snowboard imprints We can make any kind of imprint on skis and snowboards.
03 Edge angle The basis for correct skiing is definitely the edge angle. Our skimen, with the help of the Wintersteiger machine, guarantee absolute precision. Everything is machined with ceramic cups for easier skiing.
04 Waxing We always use a Wintersteiger machine for waxing. On request, waxing is done hot with an iron.
05 Mounting and adjustment of ski and snowboard bindings The first step for safe skiing is definitely the correct position and adjustment of the bindings. The right adjustment ensures that you release the binding at the right time in the event of a fall, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.
06 Various repairs Any problem with your equipment? We'll take care of the repair. We take care of gluing insoles, fixing bindings, boot hooks and many other repairs.